Friday, August 29, 2008

Day 5: Davenport Ousted

2007 finalist Marion Bartoli, seeded 12, has plunged her spear into the heart of Lindsay Davenport. The final was 6-1, 7-6.

Before the match I said the following words: Bartoli will win in straight sets. If any of you are thinking of betting on these matches you might want to consult me first.

So Bartoli is through and has the Austrian Sybille Bammer next, in the round of 16.

Elsewhere, Safin has bitten the dust, with Tommy Robredo triumphing over him in 4 sets. So much for Safin once again becoming a fixture in Major Semifinals.

As for prime time day 5, Roddick and Gulbis will take the court now. I'll put the money on Gulbis. It's a longshot but if I'm right it'll pay.

Meanwhile, as I blog, Tsonga and Moya are duking it out in the 4th set.

Day 5: Gol damn!

Jelena aka Houdini Jankovic, the highest remaining seed in the Woman's draw, served horribly and still won over Jie Zheng (7-5, 7-5).

Though it was winning ugly for Jelena (14 Service breaks in 2 sets), Zheng is no pushover. She was the first ever Chinese to participate in a Wimbledon Semi just 2 months ago. Still, I think that Safina is looking better than Jelena right now. Here is another great chance to get the # 1 ranking, as Ivanovic has already lost, and Jelena just can't seem to get her serve working. That is what is holding her back. It's so obvious.

In other matches:

Haas coughed up a two set lead on one of the sidecourts, losing to #130 in the world, Gilles Muller from Luxembourg. Who? I'm still not sure, but evidently he's in shape. It was hot out there today, and it must be tough to play the 11AM timeslot - lots of sunlight out there.

Not much wind though. It looks awesome, like perfect tennis weather. Federer is currenly dismantling Thiago Alves of Brazil. I'll now flip through my directv channels:

701: US open mix shows 5 matches now showing.

CLICK 704: Kuznetsova is warming up with Srebotnik on Armstrong. 1-1 all time with Kuznetsova taking their last meeting. This is the match I may settle in on with lunch.

CLICK 705: Ginepri, a feisty yet somewhat guileless American is even at 1 set with Cilic, on Granstand. Cilic is a young and promising Croatian, albeit unproven. Half of the court is bathed in late afternoon sunlight while the other half is shaded by the overhanging and aptly named granstand. I'll be checking back.

CLICK 706: Fernando Verdasco is looking for an opening against Machado (never heard of him, ranked 218!). They are 5-5 in the first set.

CLICK 707: Almagro and Warburg have just gotten underway on court 13.

All the courts have the same blue green color contrast. It is tennis nirvana. Someday fedex me a plane ticket and I'm there. Where the fuck is my sponsorship? I've got 12 million readers in the U.S. alone.
Ah, well, lot's of tennis to play. I really think this is the best time of the tourney because there is such a high volume of really intruiging matches - and don't be fooled, all these guys really want these matches - there are a few dollars on the line here.

In other matches: Davydenko won in straight sets and looked impressive. As did Fernando Gonzalez.