Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Day 10: Muller's improbable run

I first got wind of Gilles Muller last week when he took out Tommy Haas in 5 sets. At the time I knew he was a qualifier and I knew he was ranked a paltry 130. Well, look at him now. After a gutty win against # 5 seed Nikolai aka the gambler Davydenko yesterday, he is the first qualifier to reach the quarters here since 1999.

He also leads the Open in aces.

After watching him being interviewed on USA with Al Trautwig I couldn't help but appreciate Muller the man. I found it moving and inspiring and it made me want to grab my racquet and try to form a miracle of my own. Muller, humble and awestruck by his own success, talked about how it has been difficult to make ends meet while playing challenger tournaments and basically struggling mightily with his game. As the interview progressed you could sense both the joy and relief that he felt having finally made some money and not "having to watch the quarters from his couch" this year. Muller is currently awaiting Roger aka our heavenly father in the quarters.

Julie Coin's upset of Ana Ivanovic and Muller's improbable run to the quarters are two inspiring stories and proof that anything is possible.